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What are the Steps to File Bankruptcy in Arizona

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  1. The first step is to Call Hollis 602-354-3890 or Click here to send a message to schedule an absolutely free bankruptcy consultation with Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin, the honest lawyer that cares about you. The consultation can be done at one of my convenient offices or even by telephone.
  2. If after our discussion you believe my firm is a good fit to represent you, and I know you will, then retain us. As soon as we're retained, we will begin taking your creditor calls (creditor harassment should end then!) and start working on preparing your case for filing. If we've determined there is a more beneficial way than bankruptcy to solve your debt problems, we will get those efforts in motion.
  3. We will advise you on what documentation is needed to file your case or to proceed with an alternative to bankruptcy, and as soon as we receive those documents we draft the petition or other correspondence.
  4. If you have an emergency situation, a bankruptcy petition can often be filed the day of the consultation. However, for a variety of reasons, same day bankruptcy filing may not be prudent. For more about that, Click here to see my page on BANKRUPTCY PLANNING.  Call Hollis 602-354-3890 or Click Here to send a Message.