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Hollis Joslin Attorney at Law is a BoutiqUE LAW Firm THAT PROVIDES top-shelf legal services at affordable rates for the working class. WE HANDLE BANKRUPTCY, BANKRUPTCY ALTERNATIVE DEBT SETTLEMENT, CAR ACCIDENT PERSONAL INJURY, AND ESTATE PLANNING.   

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Attorney Hollis Joslin prides himself in being an honest lawyer that cares about you. Hollis Joslin is a Christian Lawyer, a member of Christian Lawyer associations and the Christian legal society, and he always puts your interests as his client above his own. Attorney Hollis Joslin's Practice areas include Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Motorcycle accident Injury, Car Accident Injury, Truck Accident Injury, Estate planning - Wills, trusts, advance directives, financial power of attorney, LLCs, Corporations, Contract drafting/Review, etc. For more information about Hollis and affiliated attorneys, Click Attorneys tab here or just drop us a quick line using the Contact form TO THE RIGHT here. We look forward to serving you.   
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Hollis Joslin Bankruptcy Attorney and Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

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Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin
Bankruptcy lawyer with payment plans Bankruptcy Lawyer Hollis Joslin
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