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Hollis Joslin is a Christian Bankruptcy Lawyer and a Christian Personal Injury Attorney, a member of the

Christian Legal Society 

Christian Legal Society

Hollis Joslin Christian Lawyer
Hollis Joslin Christian Bankruptcy Lawyer and Christian Personal Injury Attorney

God fearing lawyers may not be an anomaly but in my experience few Christian lawyers advertise their faith. Perhaps this is out of a desire to avoid controversy. Then again, maybe there just aren't many of us. Whatever the case, it is my view that as Christian Bankruptcy Lawyers or Christian Personal injury attorneys we are bound by our acceptance of Christ's sacrifice for us to make our faith known. Don't misunderstand me, I do not push my faith on anyone and I serve clients of all faiths and no faith at all; but I am happy to share my testimony with anyone who wants to hear it, and I am bound by the son of God who died that I might live to run my practice in accordance with the word of God and to counsel my Christian clients on Biblical implications of fling bankruptcy, Biblical dealings with creditors, Biblical implications in personal injury cases, and so forth. In this section of my blog, you can read some thoughts on the responsibilities of a Christian lawyer and what the Bible says about Bankruptcy and what the Bible says about Personal Injury. Click on links above right to see articles.