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Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer Hollis Joslin offers Great rates, $99 Down Payment plans, and Sliding Scale Rates on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

CHAPTER 7 From $0 down


How Much does it Cost to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  

Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin
Hollis Joslin Bankruptcy Costs

Bankruptcy cases are not all the same and that's why Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin's initial consultation is absolutely free. If we determine that chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good option and you choose to hire us, we will offer you a great discount rate based on your specific case. No trickery, no hiding the ball, no bait and switch - just a great rate you can count on that covers everything needed in a typical non-adversarial Bankruptcy case. Most can get started on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with ZERO down. And we will discount your already great rate on bankruptcy further if the bankruptcy fees are paid prior to the file date. You can make payments on your bankruptcy and still receive the discount as long as it is paid prior to file date. Your rate for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be further reduced if your income qualifies for our sliding scale lawyer fees. Call Hollis for details 602-354-3890 or send us a quick message by clicking the contact form here.  

Attorney Hollis Joslin is the Lawyer that offers Sliding scale fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin
Sliding Scale Bankruptcy lawyer Hollis Joslin

Sliding Scale legal fees for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are determined based on your income as calculated by Chapter 7 eligibility means test which averages your paystubs from the preceding six months. To see if you qualify, submit copies of six months of your most recent paystubs. Married couples submit paystubs for both spouses. The discounts below assume prefiling date payment.

  • Under $30,000.00 Gross annual Income: $200.00 discount

  • Under $20,000.00 Gross annual Income: $500.00 discount

  • Under $16,000.00 Gross annual Income: $800.00 discount (We may be able to refer you for Pro bono representation or self-help guidance)

Call Hollis 602-354-3890 to see if you qualify for sliding scale bankruptcy or Click here to send us a quick message.

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    Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin


Discounts listed here are representative of basic services for typical chapter 7 cases and are not to be construed as an offer. We provide a free consultation to evaluate your case and if Chapter 7 is appropriate we will confirm whether your case can be taken and whether these discounts are applicable to your case. Most of the time they are.

Generally cases involving multiple filing, conversion from one chapter to another, and questions of bad faith do not qualify for discounted rates.

Basic service rates include taking creditor calls both pre and post-petition filing; pre-filing advice by Attorney; advice during the case concerning the nature and effect of chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code; preparation of and filing the petition, schedules and statements; representation at the initial meeting of creditors; assistance with reaffirmation agreements and appearing at reaffirmation hearing, if applicable; Attorney is available where appropriate and at any time to answer questions or to provide legal advice. Basic Services do not include the court filing fee of $335.00 or any Additional Services. 

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: (Additional Fees apply): If additional services are provided, additional fees must be paid in advance. Additional Services include, but are not limited to: Adversary proceedings under 11 U.S.C. §523 or §727 or any Chapter ($5000 in advance before appearance); motions to dismiss under §707(a) or (b); actions to enforce the automatic stay pursuant to §362(k); actions to enforce the discharge pursuant to §524; rule 2004 examinations; depositions, interrogatories, other discovery proceedings (other than initial §341 meetings); contested motions; amendments to creditor schedules; delays caused by Client including Client's failure to pay fees in a timely manner; failure to provide information, failure to return paperwork; continued §341 meetings if continued due to Client's failure to appear; redemption motions pursuant to §722; motions to avoid liens or to convert to a different Chapter, maintaining file, and all post-petition matters.