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List of approved providers of the mandatory Pre-Bankruptcy filing and Post-Bankruptcy filing Credit Counseling Courses

You may not file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy without first completing an approved credit counseling course.  


You will not receive a Discharge in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy unless you complete a post bankruptcy filing Financial Management Course.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Hollis Joslin Bankruptcy Credit counseling list
The following on bankruptcy credit counseling is from the Arizona Bankruptcy Court's Website

Credit Counseling Warning

Did you complete credit counseling from a US Trustee approved credit counseling agency & receive your credit counseling certificate?  Your certificate MUST be filed with your bankruptcy petition.


If you do not complete counseling before you file your petition or you do not meet the requirements for an extension to complete the counseling after filing (The credit counseling must have been received within 180 days before filing bankruptcy):

Your case may be DISMISSED without refund of any filing fee paid;

  • You WILL NOT receive a DISCHARGE of your debts;
  • If you REFILE within ONE YEAR after dismissal, protection under the Bankruptcy Code from your creditors (i.e. the automatic stay) may be limited to thirty (30) days.

Under the bankruptcy laws, the court can only allow you to complete the course after filing if you meet all of the following conditions. See 11 USC § 109(h)(3).

  1. You must have tried to get credit counseling from an approved agency before bankruptcy but were not able to obtain the counseling during the 7-day period after you made the request; AND
  2. There are exigent (emergency) circumstances that make it necessary for you to file your case immediately (Important: The court will determine what qualifies as an emergency circumstance); AND
  3. You must file a certification stating the facts regarding conditions 1 and 2 above with your petition.

The decision to file is yours alone, but if you file a petition without taking the course, you are risking dismissal of your case. The clerk cannot provide legal advice or predict in advance how a judge will decide your request for an extension to complete this requirement for credit counseling. For more information about the credit counseling requirement, go here to read this: FTC Facts for Consumers: Before You File for Personal Bankruptcy.

To obtain a list of United States Trustee approved pre-bankruptcy credit counseling agencies, go to this website: U.S. Trustee Approved Credit Counseling Agencies for AZ Filers.

You may take the course on the Internet, by telephone, or in person. If you do not have a computer, your public library may allow you to use their public computers.

NOTE: A waiver of the credit counseling requirement is available in very limited circumstances for persons on military duty in an active combat zone, or persons with a physical or mental impairment preventing participation in credit counseling, in person, by telephone, or on the Internet. A waiver must be granted by the court. 11 U.S.C. § 109(h)(4).

Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin
Bankruptcy Lawyer Hollis Joslin Bankruptcy Credit counseling list

Bankruptcy Attorney Hollis Joslin provides a list of Approved Bankruptcy credit counseling providers for both English and Spanish Speakers here:


Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Agencies

Bankruptcy Course                                          Bankruptcy Course 

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                       Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Simple Class, Inc.                                            Wiser Consumer Education, Inc.        

304 S. Jones Boulevard                                   503 Hillcrest Lane 

Suite 1027                                                        Krum, TX 76249  

Las Vegas, NV  89107                                     800-496-2440

866-742-6259                                                   Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet                      

Bankruptcy Course                                           Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                       Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc.     Evergreen Financial Counseling

River Park Commons                                       644 Valleywood Drive S

2403 Sidney Street, Suite 400                          Salem, OR, 97302 

Pittsburgh, PA  15203                                      800-581-3513

888-511-2227                                                   Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                                         


Bankruptcy Course                                            Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                         Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.                 Hananwill Credit Counseling

67 Hunt Street                                                    115 North Cross Street

Agawam, MA  01001                                         Robinson, IL 62454

800-403-3433                                                     Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                877-544-5560                        


Bankruptcy Course                                             Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                         Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Credit Counseling Center                                   National Debt Management, Inc.

832 Second Street Pike                                      17520 West 12 Mile Road

Richboro, PA  18954                                          Suite 105

215-348-8003                                                     Southfield, MI  48076

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                248-200-2106                                           Delivery Method: Telephone

877-900-4222                                                     855-378-8989


Bankruptcy Course                                               Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                            Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Stand Sure Credit Counseling                              Summit Financial Education, Inc.  

AKA Biblical Financial Concepts, Inc.                4800 E Flower Street

406 5th Street North                                             Tucson, AZ 85712

Suite 1                                                                   800-780-5965

Oneonta, AL  35121                                             Delivery Method: Internet


Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Bankruptcy Course                                           Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                       Chapter 7  Chapter 13 

Test Agency for CCDE 2.2.2                           The Kingdom Ministries, Inc.  

111 Twinbrook Pkwy                                       6094 Apple Tree Drive

Rockville, MD  20851                                      Suite 1

301-555-1111                                                   Memphis, TN 38115

Delivery Method: Internet                                901-552-5131                                       Delivery Method: Telephone



English and Spanish Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Agencies


Bankruptcy Course                                                 Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                            Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Debtorcc, Inc.                                                            BK Class, Inc.

378 Summit Avenue                                               2711 E. Melrose Street

Jersey City, NJ  07306                                             Gilbert, AZ  85297

1-800-610-3920                                                      877-376-7122                                                                                                                                                                              

Delivery Method: Internet                                    Delivery Method: Internet                                                                                                                                         

Bankruptcy Course                                                   Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                               Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Credit Counselors, Inc.                                             Abacus Credit Counseling

6161 Blue Lagoon Drive                                         17337 Ventura Boulevard Suite 150                                                                      Suite 205 Miami, FL  33126                                                      Encino, CA 91316 305-269-9201                                                            800-516-3834

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone               Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                                              


Bankruptcy Course                                                   Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                              Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Academy of Financial Literacy, Inc.                    Access Counseling, Inc.

725 W. Elliot Road                                               633 W 5th Street

Gilbert, AZ  85233                                               Suite 26001

877-833-2867                                                       Los Angeles, CA 90071

Delivery Method: Internet                                    800-205-9297                 Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone    

Bankruptcy Course                                                   Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                               Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Allen Credit and Debt Counseling Agency          Alliance Credit Counseling, Inc.

20003 387th Avenue                                                10720 Sikes Place

Wolsey, SD  57384                                                     Suite 100

888-415-8173                                                            Charlotte, NC 28277

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone               888-594-9594                                                       Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone



Bankruptcy Course                                                   Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                              Chapter 7  Chapter 13

American Consumer                                                 Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo

Credit Counseling, Inc                                            40 Gardenville Parkway, Suite 300

130 Rumford Avenue                                             West Seneca, NY  14224

Suite 202                                                                    716-712-2060

Newton, MA  02466                                                Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone


Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone             800-296-9685       

Bankruptcy Course                                                 Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13                                             Chapter 7  Chapter 13

American Debt Resources, Inc.                            Consumer Education Services, Inc.

384 Larkfield Road                                                  DBA Start Fresh Today

East Northport, NY  11731                                    DBA Affordable Bankruptcy Course  

800-498-0766                                                           3700 Barrett Drive, Raleigh, NC  27609

Delivery Method: Telephone                                Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone


Bankruptcy Course                                                 Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7 Chapter 13

American Financial Solutions of                          Chapter 7  Chapter 13

N Seattle Community College Foundation        Credit Advisors Foundation

600 University Street                                              7525 Camelback Road #210

Suite 2409                                                                   Scottsdale , AZ  85251

Seattle, WA  98121                                                   Delivery Method: Internet/Phone/In-person

800-894-7240                                                            800-625-7725 

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone     

                                                                                       Bankruptcy Course

Bankruptcy  Course                                                 Chapter 7  Chapter 13

Chapter  7 Chapter 13                                             Credit Card Management Services, Inc

Black Hills Children's Ranch, Inc.                         DBA

1644 Concourse Drive                                             1325 N. Congress Ave. Suite 201

Rapid City, SD  57703                                              West Palm Beach, FL 33401

605-348-1608                                                            Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone      800-920-2262


                                                                                         Bankruptcy Course

                                                                                         Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Bankruptcy Course                                                    Cricket Debt Counseling

Chapter  7  Chapter 13                                             3033 Express Drive North, Suite 103

CC Advising, Inc.                                                         Hauppauge, NY  11749 

703 Washington Ave.                                                888-354-6332

Suite 200                                                                       Delivery method: Telephone/Internet

Bay City, MI  48708-5732 

1-855-980-6690                                                          Debt Education and Certification Foundation

Delivery Method: Internet                                        112 Goliad Street, Benbrook, TX  76126                                                  Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone  866-859-7323

Bankruptcy Course

Chapter 7  Chapter 13                                               Bankruptcy Course

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp         Chapter 7   Chapter 13

3310 N. Federal Highway                                         Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling,

Lighthouse Point, FL  33064                                    DBA Navicore Solutions. 732-409-6281

954-418-1466                                                              200 US. Highway 9, Manalapan, NJ  07726                                                  Delivery Method: Telephone                                   Delivery Method: Internet


Debt Reduction Services, Inc.                                       GreenPath, Inc.

6213 N. Cloverdale Road                                               36500 Corporate Drive

Suite 100                                                                             Farmington Hills, MI  48331

Boise, ID  83713                                                                248-553-5400

208-378-0200                                                                   Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet                                     877-544-5560

                                                                                                 InCharge Debt Solutions

Dollar Learning Foundation, Inc.                                  5750 Major Blvd, Suite 300  

21550 Oxnard Street 3rd Floor PMB #001               Orlando, FL  32819 

Woodland Hills, CA  91367                                             407-532-5716

877-366-6070                                                                     Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                                                                            1-866-729-0049

Family Financial Education Foundation                   Money Management International, Inc.

724 Front Street, Suite 340                                           1916 N. Fairfield Avenue, Suite 2

Evanston, WY  82930                                                       Chicago, IL 60647

307-789-2010                                                                    866-200-6825

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone                      Delivery Method: Internet  888-292-4333                               

Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit                 Urgent Credit Counseling, Inc.

Management, Inc., dba                                219 SW Stark Street, Suite 200

4351 Latham Street                                                         Portland, OR 97204 

Riverside, CA  92501                                                       866-233-1940

951-781-0114                                                                   Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone

Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone             or


The Mesquite Group, Inc.

463 W. Harwood Road

Hurst, TX  76054 


Delivery Method: Internet/Telephone